Frequently Asked Questions

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I completed a screening survey or emailed [email protected], and I have not heard back.

  1. Please check your spam folder for an email. The responses are instantaneous automated responses, and should have been received within ~2 minutes of your survey completion or original email.

I am an Infectious Diseases physician/APP, hospitalist (not in a COVID unit), a primary care physician/APP, or other outpatient clinician. Why am I not eligible for the study?

  • This study is targeting the highest risk healthcare workers. Specifically  Healthcare workers, at high risk of COVID-19 exposure:
    1. Persons primarily working in emergency departments (physicians, nurses, ancillary staff, triage personnel)
    2. Persons primarily working in intensive care units (physicians, nurses, ancillary staff, respiratory therapists)
    3. Persons performing aerosol generating procedures: ex. Anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists (CRNAs)
    4. First responders: ex. EMTs, paramedics, police officers, firefighters

My Spouse, Child, Parent, Neighbor, Coworker, etc has coronavirus and I have been exposed. I am not a healthcare worker. Can I enroll?

No, we are only enrolling high-risk healthcare workers. If you are not a healthcare worker you cannot be enrolled.

My Spouse, Child, Parent, Neighbor, etc is a healthcare worker and is being exposed to coronavirus. I am not a healthcare worker. Can I enroll?

No, we are only enrolling high-risk healthcare workers. We are not enrolling their families or contacts.

Can children enroll?

No. Only those >18 years of age are eligible to enroll.

I have had/likely had COVID-19 already. Can I still be in the study?

No. This is pre-exposure prophylaxis so we want people who have not already had the disease. We believe there is some immunity developed after getting the disease so one would likely not need prophylaxis.

Is there any financial compensation for this study/will I be paid?

We do not offer compensation for this study. There is no charge to participate in the trial. The study medicine is provided free of cost.

I am already taking hydroxychloroquine for medical reasons, am I eligible to enroll in the study?

Unfortunately, not. We are not actively recruiting those persons already taking hydroxychloroquine on a regular basis. Taking hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine is an exclusion criterion for this study, and taking more would likely be dangerous.

Are you looking for additional study sites?

As this is a national, internet/mail-based study, we are not currently recruiting additional study sites. We do, however, encourage any high risk healthcare worker to enroll individually in our study. Enrollment is open nationwide, so anyone in the US who meets our study criteria can participate by emailing [email protected].

“Can you share your protocol/other study information?”

If you send an email to [email protected], you will receive an immediate auto-reply containing our information sheet, which provides full details of our study as well as the link to our screening survey.

What dose of hydroxychloroquine are you using?

Information on the treatment regimen is at clinicaltrials.gov https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04328467

Are you enrolling pregnant or breastfeeding women?

Yes, pregnant and breastfeeding women are allowed to enroll.

Where are you getting hydroxychloroquine? Pharmacies here are out/low on stock.

We are working with a company called Rising Pharmaceuticals who have been making chloroquine for years and is now producing hydroxychloroquine. We are working with them to help expand the drug supply.

How can I help with your study?

One of the best things you can do to help us at the moment is simply to spread the word about the study to those who may qualify for enrollment. Feel free to share our patient information sheet and link to our website with friends, family, colleagues, and patients.

I am outside of the U.S., can I enroll?

Currently, we are only enrolling participants in the United States (including Puerto Rico) for regulatory reasons.

Can I donate blood, breastmilk, saliva for testing to assess antibodies if I have already recovered from COVID-19?

Unfortunately, our study is solely online/survey-based, and we are not performing laboratory testing at this time. There will likely be sub-studies involving blood samples and we can notify you in the future. They will likely be limited to specific sites such as MN, OR, TN, MA but these are not approved yet.